L. Possehl & Co. mbH


Possehl Unites Tradition, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Diversity

The L. Possehl & Co. mbH Group of companies is managed in line with Hanseatic tradition. There are over 170 companies within the Group, divided in nine independently operated divisions. We have 12,500 employees around the world, almost half of them in Germany. In managing our companies, we are eager to ensure that our companies retain their long-standing identities and continue to develop successfully within our Group. The “Possehl” name is synonymous with German SME tradition (the “Mittelstand”) – and has been for 170 years.

Our companies enjoy a high degree of independence in the way they operate on the market. In the holding company, we focus our activities on important core strategic and financial functions needed to manage the Group.

As a successful and diverse company. Possehl’s perception of itself is marked by entrepreneurial spirit, tradition, and responsibility.