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Identification Solutions

Global Partner for Identification and Labeling Solutions

Possehl’s youngest business unit was set up in early 2017 in the course of an economic spin-off. As a result of its internal and external growth in the wake of selected supplementary acquisitions, the business with labeling systems among medium-sized companies reached such a dimension and importance that made its spin-off as a separate business unit possible. At the moment, the business unit comprises the following enterprises or groups of companies:



The altogether 11 companies of the business unit with its approx. 750 employees world-wide generate an annual turnover of some € 125 million.

Apart from developing, manufacturing and distributing logistically integrated labeling systems (that serve as an interface between production and logistics) as well as digital thermo-transfer printers, the business unit also produces consumables and disposables, such as self-adhesive labels and thermo-transfer foils. In addition, the business unit offers comprehensive software solutions for the purpose of identifying, marking and tracing products and thus ensuring the complete traceability of the movement of goods and deliveries.

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