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Reliable Partner and Successor Management for SME Companies

SME companies are one of the most important pillars of the German economy. With innovation, a high degree of flexibility, and a sense of responsibility, they make a decisive contribution to Germany’s economic dynamism. German SME companies, which are frequently managed by their owners, usually operate in niches and are distinguished by a long-term perspective and sound, forward-looking management.

In order to offer long-term, dependable prospects from the Possehl Group to SME companies with annual sales of € 10 million to € 80 million, we established the SME Investments Division in 2009. Since then we are able to win numerous enterprises for the Possehl-Group.


In addition to that, we see our mid-sized company segment also as a “launching pad” for a development as an independent business unit within the Possehl Group. As a result of their organic and external growth, the two companies Logopak and Novexx Solutions have had such a successful development in recent years that they were able to set up their own business unit "Identification Solutions” at the beginning of 2017.

Our management strategy includes the following main aspects:


  • Complete responsibility of the companies’ management for operational decisions
  • Security due to the financially sound Possehl Group
  • Maintenance of the existing identity, the company name, and corporate culture, particularly the SME-oriented thinking and acting with compact decision-making hierarchies
  • Long-term commitment – no intention of onward sale
  • Financing of the purchase price using the Group’s own resources, meaning that no banks are involved in the acquisition process, and thus the acquired enterprises are not imposed with the purchase price


Currently, the investment portfolio of the SME sector encompasses the following companies or groups of companies:


  • ARBAprocessing GmbH, Emsdetten (www.arba-processing.com)
    The ARBAprocessing Group is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of vehicle superstructures used in the milk logistics industry (including measurement & control technology and data processing & information technology) as well as receptacles and apparatus made of chromium-nickel alloyed (CrNi) stainless steel, which are used mostly in the milk-processing industry. As a premium supplier, ARBAprocessing holds a leading technological position. The company has five operational sites, two in Germany and Poland respectively and one in Austria. Production takes place mostly at the two Polish plants.


  • SAVO TECHNIK Rotationsguss GmbH, Valluhn (www.rotationsguss.com)
    Since the beginning of 2014 the majority of this enterprise that manufactures high-quality and sophisticated hollow-bodies, such as water and fuel tanks, by applying the rotational molding-process, is part of the Possehl-Group. SAVO's customers include well-known clients from mechanical engineering, medical technology, the automotive industry and water technology.


  • Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH and Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG, both Lübeck (www.gabler-maschinenbau.de; www.gabler-thermoform.com)
    Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH is a leading manufacturer of hoistable masts and components for the marine and submersible industry on the world market. The company is known worldwide for its high levels of innovation and technology leadership. The subsidiary Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known manufacturer of thermoforming machines for the packaging industry with a focus on food packaging.


  •  Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH, Königsbrunn (www.duering-schweisstechnik.de)
    The company develops, produces, and sells mainly robot welding tongs, which are primarily used as part of fully automated robot systems in car body construction. Furthermore, Düring’s welding tongs are also used to manufacture what are known as “white goods”, such as washing machines.


  • MGG Micro-Glühlampen Gesellschaft Menzel GmbH, Wentorf (www.mgg-lamps.de)
    Since 1963, MGG has developed and manufactured miniature incandescent lamps that are mainly used in assemblies with very limited available space. They are used most frequently in the security engineering, medical technology, and aerospace industries as well as in the intelligence and defense industries. The lamps produced by MGG are frequently used as components for sensors that detect gases or assess the authenticity of banknotes, for example.


  • Kleine Wolke Textilgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Bremen (www.kleinewolke.de)
    Kleine Wolke, together with its secondary brand Meusch, is a leading supplier of high quality products for the bathroom and bedroom. The product range comprises bathroom mats, bathtub liners, shower curtains and rods, hand towels, and bed linens.


  • DMA Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Höxter (www.dma.de)
    DMA constructs, manufactures, and assembles high-quality conveying technology for the container glass industry and many other areas of the food industry. The special-purpose machine manufacturer’s product range includes cooling systems for companies handling milk and storage equipment for processing industries.


  • Possehl Umweltschutz GmbH, Lübeck (www.possehl-umweltschutz.de)
    The company is a regional supplier specialized in the remediation of environmental damage, carrying out tank cleaning operations, and the collection and utilization of solid and fluid waste materials. With its subsidiary nordrohr GmbH the company is also active in the fields of pipe cleaning and remediation.


  • Lubeca Versicherungskontor GmbH, Lübeck (www.lubeca.eu)
    The enterprise presents itself in the market as a typical insurance broker. Apart from offering industrial and transport insurances, Lubeca can also offer comprehensive know-how to private customers.


  • cbb software GmbH, Lübeck (www.cbb.de).                                                                      In 2017, Possehl took over 50 % of the shareholding in this Lübeck-based software company from its founder and co-shareholder Professor Bruce-Boye. cbb software GmbH stands for future-oriented and innovative software and engineering solutions in the various fields of energy management, test engineering and the automotive industry.


Together, the companies generate annual sales approximately € 200 million and employ more than 1.000 full-time staff. Our objective is to continue the growth course of the past years and to expand our portfolio of small companies in the coming years. The industry in which the company operates is only of secondary interest in our acquisition criteria. The decisive factor is that the target company operates in a stable market environment, enjoys a good market position, and generates sustainable profits. It continues to be of major importance to us that Possehl can be a suitable, long-term owner without restrictions. We can fulfill this role particularly well for a well-placed, successful SME company that does not have successor management in place.

Gabler Maschinenbau
Gabler Thermoform
DMA Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
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