L. Possehl & Co. mbH


Possehl Electronics N.V., ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

Leading Producer of Semi-Conductor Component Carriers (Leadframes) and Electromechanical Components

Possehl Electronics is one of the leading producers of leadframes for the semiconductor industry. These are mainly copper-based conducting elements that are attached to silicon chips. Leadframes are primarily used in the electronic components of data processing devices, communications technology, measurement and control technology, household equipment, and entertainment devices. They are also used in automobile electronics.

At selected locations, particularly at the German company pretema GmbH and in Hong Kong, the company also produces laminated leadframes (LamFrames) for the production of chip cards, so-called smart cards. Since the purchase of pretema GmbH in 2010, Possehl Electronics has become the world’s number 2 company for the production of laminated leadframes.

The business activities of Possehl Electronics still include coating plug-in connectors and light diodes (LEDs) with precious metals, particularly gold and silver.

The German plant also produces precise electromagnetic components, mainly for the automobile supply industry. The components produced by pretema are built into products such as airbags and automatic gearboxes.

The division currently employs around 1,900 staff at eight locations across the world, and generates annual sales of around € 240 million.

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