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Printing Machines

High-quality Web-fed Offset Printing Machines for the Global Printing Industry

Since February 2012, manroland web systems has been part of the Possehl Group. Although this company is the newest division, it boasts a more than 160-year history. As the world market leader in web printing operations, manroland web systems offers its clients customized solutions for newspaper, publishing, and print advertising. Today, one-third of all newspapers worldwide are produced on a printing system made in Augsburg.

The product range encompasses highly efficient solutions for the industrial production of web-fed newspapers, magazines, and print advertising. In addition, the company has a strategic marketing and development partnership in the area of digital printing with Océe Printing Systems for inkjet-based digital printing solutions.

Managed according to small and medium-sized business principles – with lean structures, compact communication and decision-making hierarchies, and a focus on maximum customer benefit – manroland web systems demonstrates that it is possible to achieve long-term success even in shrinking markets. Since its acquisition by the Possehl Group, the company has been a very reliable and stable partner.

Besides the managing company in Augsburg, the division includes five operational subsidiaries, which are primarily active in sales and service. In the very strong sales markets in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India, manroland is represented by its own subsidiaries. Worldwide, the company features a closely meshed network of sales and service partnerships.

The Printing Machines division has a total of approximately 1,500 employees, the vast majority of which works at the headquarters in Augsburg. They generate total annual sales of € 250 million to € 300 million. New machines account for approximately two-thirds of this amount and services for the remaining one-third.

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