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Market Leader in Europe for High Performance Enveloping Facilities

BÖWE SYSTEC is a globally active supplier of highly automated printing and mailing centers, known as mailrooms. BÖWE SYSTEC is the European market leader with its main product, enveloping machines. In addition to the high-performance enveloping facilities, its product portfolio encompasses personalizing mailing systems for plastic cards, highly efficient mailroom systems, and all the services associated with these products. Their main customers include banks and insurance companies, telecommunications firms, public authorities, and mass-mailing service providers. BÖWE SYSTEC has a full-time worldwide workforce of some 1,000 employees, including around 390 at the headquarters in Augsburg. As well as the headquarters in Augsburg, the company also comprises numerous sales and service companies in Europe and in Japan.


Since mid-2016, BÖWE SYSTEC GmbH has held 70 % of the shares in Optimus Sorter Holding B.V. which is headquartered in Beuningen/Netherlands. Optimus Sorter specializes in the development, design and production of sorting and conveying systems for the logistic industry as well as for the post office. Other major customers come from the retail, wholesale and e-Commerce sectors. With its majority shareholding in Optimus Sorter, the business unit has expanded its commercial activities and is now a player in a global market with a strong growth.

BÖWE SYSTEC has a long history. The company was founded after the end of the Second World War by Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber, and in its 65-year history has grown into a global full-service provider of highly automated printing and mailing centers.

BÖWE SYSTEC has been part of the Possehl Group since 2010.

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