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Special-purpose Construction

Special-purpose Construction in Niche Areas

The companies of the division focus on construction in selected niche areas, particularly surface treatment. This is divided into the following divisions:




Company/Group of Companies

Road and other surfaces

Possehl Spezialbau Group

DFT Deutsche Flächen-Technik Industrieboden GmbH

Thiendorfer Fräsdienst GmbH & Co. KG

P+S Pflaster- und Straßenbau GmbH

Construction and civil engineering

Mickan General-Bau-Gesellschaft Amberg mbH & Co. KG

Building restoration

Bennert Group

Nüthen Restaurierungen GmbH & Co. KG

Construction chemicals



cds Polymere GmbH

Gremmler Bauchemie GmbH



Possehl Spezialbau Group

The Possehl Spezialbau Group, based in Sprendlingen, is specialized in the maintenance and improvement of road, industrial, business, and airport surfaces. The repair and maintenance of airport runways is just one field in which Possehl Spezialbau is active. The company’s building chemicals department also develops and produces special products for its own construction department, but also markets these products to other building chemical companies.



This company, with its head office in Bremen, specializes in the production and laying of seamless and partially ground (terrazzo) rolled concrete industrial surface systems. The different complete solutions offered by DFT are used in particular in large-scale production facilities, logistics, trading, transport, and wholesale industries.


The Bennert Group, which is based near Weimar in the town of Hopfgarten, Thuringia, specializes in the renovation and maintenance of historically important buildings. As well as classical work on buildings, the company employs numerous special processes that it has developed with respect to the preservation of monuments. For example, the company is a specialist for the renovation of whole or parts of buildings (translocation).


The main focus of the EUROQUARZ Group, acquired in 2009, is the production, preparation, and processing of silica sand and quartz gravel.


The Duisburg-based subsidiary PK Rohstoffe is also active in the fields of reprocessing, utilizing and recycling waste generated in the iron and steel industries.


The PAGEL Group, also acquired in 2009, develops and produces mortar casting systems and cement renovation systems, and markets them around the world.



The Nüthen Restaurierungen GmbH & Co. KG acquired in September 2014 is a specialized company for historic preservation. The service portfolio ranges from classical conservation and restoration of art and architectural monuments as well as dedicated solutions in masonry, plastering and painting trade to special technologies as the laser cleaning and translocation and rebound of complete buildings.



In Spring 2011, L. Possehl acquired all shares of Mickan General-Bau-Gesellschaft Amberg & Co. KG. The company ranks among the largest SME construction companies in Bavaria and offers the entire range of construction works civil engineering both above and below ground, turn-key construction for public and private clients.


Thiendorfer Fräsdienst GmbH & Co. KG & P+S Pflaster- und Straßenbau

Thiendorfer Fräsdienst GmbH & Co. KG and its sister company P+S Pflaster- und Straßenbau GmbH have been members of the Possehl Group since 2016. Both companies are headquartered near Dresden and focus their activities on the maintenance and repair of concrete and asphalt-paved areas in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The approx. 90 employees of both companies jointly generate an annual turnover of more than € 20 million. The companies‘ range of services includes milling of road surfaces, applying thin layers as well as the complete paved roadway surface remediation and repair. 


The building construction division has grown strongly over the past few years. The companies in Germany and in other countries today employ around 1,500 employees, who generate Group sales of about € 300 million.

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