L. Possehl & Co. mbH


Alert, Responsible, In Perspective

Possehl has a stable base and its companies are able to make a successful impression on the market. One reason for this is the entrepreneurial identity that we have forged for ourselves:


  • Entrepreneurial freedom: Possehl and its companies are free to act as they deem necessary in the markets. This promotes alertness and entrepreneurial responsibility in every employee, at every level. Entrepreneurial freedom is one of the main foundations of lasting economic success.
  • Decentralized management: The management team of the holding company performs only a small number of staff functions in leading the Group. The Executive Board acts as a sparring partner for the management personnel of subsidiaries and encourages them to exercise entrepreneurial initiative.
  • Long-term perspectives: Possehl focuses on long-term success rather than short-term opportunities. In line with this mindset, Possehl companies seek to build long-term business relationships.
  • Security: Possehl creates the broadest possible foundation for its companies and is intentionally diverse. We seek a geographical, economic, and structural balance between the individual divisions, and we aim to achieve a high level of stability for the Group.
  • Open-minded: Possehl is open to new business opportunities. We constantly check how the Group can achieve further profitable growth.
  • Discipline and restraint: Even though Possehl and its subsidiaries are today faced with intense global competition, we are always fair and honor our commitments to our business partners and employees. We see competition as a challenge and a responsibility to be active and proactive in shaping the future. Our managers are always aware that they are role models and have a social responsibility.


We consider a core part of our identity to be that we live by our corporate principles without referring to them openly. All in keeping with our the typical Hanseatic trait of self-restraint.