L. Possehl & Co. mbH


Although the L. Possehl & Co. mbH Group of companies strives for economic gain, it is also involved in charitable work. The Lübeck-based Possehl-Stiftung is the sole proprietor. This foundation manages the income paid out each year by the Possehl Group and transfers it solely to charitable projects in accordance with the aims of Possehl-Stiftung.

The City of Lübeck and its citizens in particular benefit from the commercial success of the Possehl Group, in accordance with the wishes and testament of Emil Possehl. It provides support and financial assistance to


  • the cityscape
  • young people
  • science
  • art and culture
  • charitable institutions
  • people in need

“The remainder of my estate shall fall to a foundation that I appoint as my sole heir. The foundation shall bear the name the Possehl-Stiftung.”